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    • A day in the life of Bhushon (of) HASAN AZIZUL HUQ 

      HAROONUZZAMAN (The Daily Star, 2013-03-23)
      Bhushon is a born peasant. Barring his homestead and the nearby ten katha land, Bhushon doesn’t have any other property. In search of work, Bhushon went out in the morning with a sickle in his hand. However, he got a job ...
    • Building Institutional Repositories in Bangladesh Using Dspace: A New Paradigm of Scholarly Communication 

      Chowdhury, Muhammad Hossam Haider; Nazim Uddin, Md.; Afroz, Haisna; Sameni, Abdul Hai (University of Nebraska--Lincoln Libraries, 2011)
      This article particularly focuses on the development of institutional repositories using DSpace software in Bangladesh, and provides a review of the current situation and examines prospects of IR. References in articles ...
    • Construction and application of a corporate social performance index in the context of Bangladesh 

      Ahmed, Sarwar Uddin; Islam, Md. Zahidul; Mahtab, Hanif; Hasan, Ikramul (Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), 2012-01)
      The study developed a comprehensive CSP Index considering six elements in the context of a developing nation like Bangladesh. Data were collected from 152 firms listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange through a structured questionnaire. ...
    • Decision making in educational institutions 

      Jahangir, Nadim (The Daily Sun, 2012-09-23)
      If a problem is not ascertain correctly, the decision instead of solving the problem may complicate the situation and make the functioning more difficult. The disastrous effects of wrong decisions in the field of education ...
    • Does budget defecit affect stock prices in Bangladesh? 

      Al-Islam, Shamil M.; Ahsan, A. F. M. Mainul (Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), 2013-01)
      Examines whether there is a long relationship between budget deficit and stock price and if there is a casual flow between the variables in Bangladesh.
    • Governance issues and investment climate 

      Gani, Mohammad Osman (Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), 2012-01)
      Examines the perception of 46 business leaders of Dhaka on investment climate through structured and unstructured questionnaires. Unfriendliness of the government, political instability, unstable policy of the government, ...
    • Independent University, Bangladesh 

      IUB (Independent University, Bangladesh, 2013-02-14)
    • Introduction to Freecycle @ IUB 

      Faruk, Tasnuva (Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), 2020-03-15)
    • Libraries and librarianship in Bangladesh 

      Chowdhury, Muhammad Hossam Haider (IFLA and DE GRUYTER SAUR, 2012-07)
    • Moral conduct and its impact on employees' job satisfaction 

      Islam, Mohammed Sohel; Salahuddin, Abu Bakar Emran (Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), 2013-01)
      The paper examined the relationship between top management support for moral conduct and association between moral conduct and occupational achievement and job satisfaction.
    • On some parametric confidence intervals for the mean difference of two population 

      Banik, Shipra; Kibria, B. M. Golam (Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), 2012-01)
      Researchers evaluated several parametric estimators for estimating the difference in means of two populations. Estimators include the ordinary-t, two versions proposed by Welch (1938) and Satterthwaite (1946), there versions ...
    • Pricing of options 

      Mohsin, Chowdhury Rajkin (Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), 2012-01)
      Investigated use of Black-Scholes-Metron Model and Binomial Model to generate investment opportunities for Calls and Puts by valuation. Ten of the most well known large cap US companies were selected for valuation. Data ...
    • Private University Librarian’s Experience on Procurement of Books in Bangladesh 

      Chowdhury, Muhammad Hossam Haider (US-China Education Review B (2011) David Publishing Company, 2011-09)
      The private universities in Bangladesh are playing an important role in modernizing the higher education system in the country and the role of librarians is also different and challenging. Specially, procuring books and ...
    • Self-Reported Health Among Older Bangladeshis: How Good a Health Indicator Is It? 

      Rahman, Omar (The Gerontologist, 2003)
      Purpose: This study examines the value of selfreported health (SRH) as an indicator of underlying health status in a developing country setting. Design and Methods: Logistic regression methods with adjustments for multistage ...
    • Virtual Tour IUB 

      Unknown author (Independent University, Bangladesh, 2011-01-01)

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